Heart Failure: Checking Your Weight DailyCall your doctor if you notice any of the following symptoms: You have new or increased shortness of breath. ◆ You are dizzy or lightheaded, or you feel like ◆ you may faint. … Read Content MS Hug – Multiple Sclerosis Abdominal Pain – Girdle Band Pain …Multiple sclerosis pain comes in unusual places. The “MS hug” or girdle-band sensation is a symptom of multiple sclerosis, resulting in a painful or tingling feeling around the torso or in one area on the abdomen or chest. … Read Article The Shepherd’s StaffChest pain Shortness of breath [More]
Help Yourself To Overcome Panic AttacksOther times the panic attack occurs without an apparent trigger, and may just \’happen\’. The symptoms of a panic attack include the following: shortness of breath or feelings of suffocation; vertigo or faintness; heart palpitations; chest pains; trembling; sweating; chills or flushes; nausea; tingling … Retrieve Full Source Panic DisorderPanic disorder is a form of anxiety disorder characterized by the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort and includes symptoms such as palpitations, swearing, trebling, shortness of breath, and chest pain. What is a Panic or Anxiety Attack? … Read Article Voluntary Breath Holding In [More]