SAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE FOR HEARINGSYou should also consult the most up-to-date regulations. This includes the type of job, the specific duties involved, the amount of walking, standing For example if someone has hyper tension s/he may get shortness of breath (SOB). … Read Document Acute Pulmonary EmbolismShe was noted to have worsening shortness of breath with activity. weak, and short of breath upon awakening. Upon standing, patient reported feeling light- apy up to 14 days after initial symptoms began. The clot lysis is not specific, so … Access Doc YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.They are so fucking disingenuous becuase deep down they [More]
Shortness of BreathThan twice a week Please list any things that trigger your cough: Shortness of Breath at night to urinate?  Waking at night choking or short of breath?  Your family complaining of snoring or stopping breathing while sleeping Heat or cold intolerance?  Frequent urination?  Excessive eating? … Fetch This Document Name: DOB: Date:Reactions to:  Foods  Itchy Mouth  Lip/Tongue Swelling  Hives/Rash  Shortness of Breath/Cough sleepiness, Has it ever been observed that you appear to stop breathing temporarily while Vomiting, Bloody stools, Heartburn / Indigestion, Change in bowel habits, Pain with eating [More]