My Shortness Of Breath Causes Dashed Instantly!

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Hello everyone! I am 54 years young, and found myself diagnosed with asthma.  Another one of the shortness of breath causes Whether or not that was a correct diagnosis I am not quite sure. What I do know is I could not handle breathing the minus 20 degrees to 10 degrees above zero’s crisp Minnesota air, as well as having the inability to get the oxygen I needed when exerting myself. Even after walking a couple of blocks I was gasping for oxygen!

I know the 50 excess pounds is a contributing factor, but something else was wrong! After taking this shortness of breath causes fixer upper, I could actually shovel the walk at 20 below zero! This was 24 hours after drinking it!

What it does is dilates your veins and arteries. Once you have wider arteries, your blood pressure immediately goes down, and the back pressure on your heart is reduced! Very very cool! It’s like being able to stint every little tiny weeny itsy bitsy capillary, widening the miles of circulatory system! It works! Diabetics, heart patients, and a whole bunch of other problems are addressed with the smoothing out of your arteries!

In addition, it actually cleans the arterial wall of built up plaque, including cholesterol!  With the widening and then the actual smoothing out of the miles and miles of your endothelium (one cell inner wall of your arteries) your blood has a greater accessible pathway to distribute the oxygen your body is needing!

Talk about a fantastic way to beat the shortness of breath causes quickly!  Thousands of super elated heart patients and diabetics cannot go unnoticed! Breath better today!


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